Marina Mei

Marina Mei

I'm a female virgo born in 1996 in Sweden. I love music, anime, sweets, games, clothes, astrology and nature. I tend to daydream alot. My tumblr is a place for me to put my feelings into words and pictures, and share them with others.
Hope you like my page.~
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Couldn’t you atleast take the pain with you as you left… 
I can’t sleep or eat, the pain is too much for me… It hurts every second…..

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I didn’t only lose my boyfriend, but my bestfriend. And even though it hurts like hell not being able to share anymore good memories with him, I know that this is the best for me. The bad memories we shared are stronger than the good ones, because his love for me wasn’t even real. It’s not worth keeping him in my heart when all he ever did was hurt me and lie to me. 

I won’t ever dedicate my life towards my partner like that again. 
I need to focus on myself and my own future and happiness. 
Keep the bad things out and let the good things in. 

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“The sad part is that I actually thought you were a better person.”

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